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eBook Designing with Intent

Designing with Intent: 

A Guide to Mindful Spaces for Personal Development and Growth

Shape Your Perfect Environment and Foster Personal Growth with 'Designing with Intent'

Transformation and Balance: Harnessing the Power of Home Design

Master the Art of Home Design for a Life of Harmony and Balance: Your Blueprint to a Tranquil, Inspiring Home Environment

Transform ANY Space

  • Discover the magic of design, transforming ANY space into a sanctuary of balance and vitality, as you journey towards personal growth and well-being.

    Explore The Fundamental Design Principles

    Dive into the essential architecture of well-being, exploring the fundamental design principles that shape vibrant, inspiring, and personalized living spaces.

    Delve Into Your Inspiration

    Embark on a journey of self-discovery, delving into your inspiration, shaping your personal sanctuary, and nurturing your growth through the art of mindful design.

    Create YOUR Own Unique Design

    Unleash your creativity and imagination, crafting YOUR own unique design to curate a living space that perfectly mirrors your journey towards personal growth and well-being.

    Inside the Designing with Intent Guide

    The Book's Preview & Guide

    Embark on a comprehensive journey as we unveil the captivating topics that form the essence of this book, each crafted meticulously to guide your path towards creating a space of harmony, balance, and personal growth.


    Choosing Materials

    Thoughtful Layout

    Effective Lighting

    Proper Ventilation

    Colour, Textures, and Patterns


    Spaces for Personal Growth

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    The First Happy Readers


    Masterful structure and poignant anecdotes bring this guide to life, illuminating the path to personal growth and balanced living through thoughtful design. An absolute must-read!

    Overwhelmed by my vision, this book was a godsend! It built my confidence, sparking my creativity, turning a daunting task into an exciting journey of self-expression and fulfillment.

    William Ringsdorf

    Praticing Architect of 30+ years!

    Founder - Into The Nest

    William Ringsdorf

    Discover the joy, confidence, and passion in the journey of creating your dream home. This guide empowers you, the reader, transforming what is often a once-in-a-lifetime venture into an unimaginably rewarding and fulfilling experience.

    Sneak Preview

    Designing with Intent Introduction 1
    Designing with Intent Introduction 2
    Designing with Intent Introduction 3

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